Flatter Your Figure While You’re Losing The Weight

A woman measuring her waist in front of a mirrorAre you on a crazy weight loss journey? Do you have a hard time finding the proper clothing to compliment your shape? Are you top heavy with large breasts or bottom heavy with voluptuous hips?

No worries!

There are some tricks and tips to enhance and flatter your figure as you’re transitioning.

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Figure #1 The Apple (mid section heavy)

1. Wrap tops, deep V and scoop necks

They give the illusion of a smaller waist and draw the eyes vertically downward.

2. Straight-legged and high-waisted pants

Straight-legged pants help properly proportion your upper half with your lower half, and the high waist gives a girdle effect helping to flatten and smooth out your tummy.

 Whatever you do AVOID: 

-A lines

-Overly shapeless blouses

-Busy patterns and details

Figure #2 Pear Shape (smaller on top, heavier on the bottom)

1. Dark-colored pants,  front seams,  fluted skirts, low-waisted thick waistbands

These type of pants have a slendering effect and minimize the look of your bottom.

2. Slight A-lines, tunics, and 3/4 length jackets

These help to proportion the shape of your body and draw attention from the difference in your top and your bottom.

Whatever you do AVOID: 

-Faded jeans

-Overly tight tops

-Pants with pocket details


Figure #3  Hourglass Shape (curvy with a smaller waistline)

1. Simple prints, thick belts, wrap tops, scoop neckline

They highlight your waist and accentuate your curves.

2. Bootcut and skinny leg pants/jeans

They flatter your figure and make your legs look longer.

Whatever you do AVOID: 



-Busy patterns

-Boxy shapes

Figure #4 Athletic (Straight up and down)

 1. Bust detailing, wraps and rouching, sleeveless 

These kind of tops help make you look fuller up top and accentuate toned arms.

 2High waist skirts, bootcut low-rise pants

These kind of bottoms enhance your curviness and accentuate your waistline

Whatever you do AVOID: 

-straight cuts

-boyfriend jeans/pants 


Faux Lashes: 9 Tips, Tricks and No No’s

false lashes kelly rowlandFake lashes can make a world of difference in the way your eyes look. They enhance and draw attention to your facial features. If done properly, you could be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Take a look at these tips and tricks to better assist your application.

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1. Properly measure the length of the fake lash to make sure it correctly fits the shape of your eyelid. If necessary, cut off the ends of the lash until you get the right length.

2. Use a high quality glue in order to have long lasting results (not the glue that comes with the pack). If you don’t have a steady hand, try applying the glue with a toothpick and glide it across the strip. Use a generous amount of glue at both the inner and outer corners. This prevents the lashes from lifting up when you blink. 

3. Allow glue to dry a bit (10 seconds) before applying to the lid. This makes the glue more tacky and easier to apply and prevents slippage while trying to line it up properly.

4. It’s best to apply the lashes on top of your natural lashes at the lash baseline. Do not place on the eyelid. High quality glue will dry clear, and is forgiving when and if you get a little messy.

 5. Apply mascara. This helps to better blend the natural lashes with the false ones. 

6. If you have a visible gap between where the false lash strip sits and the natural lash line, don’t start over! A simple fix is to fill in the gap with either liquid liner or eye shadow.  

7. It’s best to remove the lashes prior to removing your facial makeup. In a dabbing motion, use oily makeup remover to loosen up the glue. While your eyes are open, grab the lashes from the outer corner. While eyes are closed, begin to lift lashes from the outer corner towards the inner corner.

8. Use quality lashes. They don’t rip as easily and are made of quality material that can often be re-used.

9. Often, people make the assumption that anything fake is harmful. This is not the case. If the correct products are used and proper care is taken, lashes can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty without causing harm. 

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