Chef Marvin Woods: Brown Stew Chicken With Cauliflower Dip

Posted By ,February 17, 2014

Brown stew anything is good to me, and on this particular occasion I am using wings and drumettes or legs for a lighter type of meal. There may be an ingredient in this recipe that is new to you, like Nama Shoyu (organic real soy sauce). It should be at your local grocery store, so don’t be nervous when you see something unrecognizable.

The cauliflower dip is fine as a standalone dish, but it pairs nicely with the brown stew chicken wings because the dip has a little sour cream to offset the heat in the wings.

A common known fact amongst food experts is we should all eat between seven to 13 servings of fruits, grains and vegetables everyday. I know that may be challenging for some of us, so I created this roasted cauliflower dip that is so good you can snack on it all day.

Please keep in mind that my focus is on good tasting food, just prepared a little better for you.