Fellas: Formula For A Successful First Date

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It’s Friday night. You hit the town with your boys in anticipation of having a good time and possibly catching the attention of a sexy lady. You walk into your favorite spot ready to get the party started and you immediately spot a woman you just gotta have.

You casually approach her and introduce yourself with a bit of off-the-cuff conversation that makes her smile, and after you share a drink, you exchange numbers to talk outside of the club. The initial confrontation was a success!

A day or so later, you give her a call to have a more in depth conversation and after gathering enough information you both agree on a time and day to venture out on the first date.

Whether you believe it or not, you are being judged from the moment you organize the first date until the end of that rendezvous. There are rules to the game of dating, and it is important to remember that the first date sets the tone for the entire relationship.