Men: Is The “Good Girl Syndrome” Affecting Your Relationship?

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For all the men in the world wondering why so many black women are closed  off to the idea of trying new and daring sexual acts in the bedroom,  your answer is finally here! This post is dedicated to the many men that struggle with getting their significant other to try something different.

Fellas, you may be with a woman that isn’t open to trying any new positions beyond missionary, and she for sure would never consider having sex on anything besides a bed  inside of your bedroom.  This type of unwillingness to explore is all  due to a mentality called the “good girl syndrome.”

How It Starts

Growing up,  every woman is taught by the elder women in her family that being a  “good girl” is the best way to be. Good girls sit with their legs closed and crossed. Good girls don’t hit people. Good girls don’t get their  clothes dirty. Good girls say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ and are always polite and accommodating. Good girls don’t use profanity.

Good girls don’t let mannish boys touch them inappropriately.  When sex comes into the  picture, good girls don’t sleep around. Good girls don’t play rough in  bed. Good girls don’t perform oral sex.  Good girls don’t have sex in open places.  Good girls don’t have anal  sex. Good girls definitely don’t have threesomes or use toys in the  bedroom. Good girls do not touch themselves or masturbate.

All of the  forbidden sexual acts that good girls are told to stay away from are  often seen as acts that only “loose women” would participate in.  Those  that participate in these acts are often placed in the category of  “whores” and looked down upon in community circles.

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The “good girl syndrome” transforms good little girls into well-rounded and polished  women who often possess great moral values and high self esteem, which  are great qualities to have, however, there is a bit of rigidity that develops. Activities such as sex often become very robotic and  routine, sometimes only participated in as an act of obligation and not  an act of enjoyment.