“Top Blacks In Healthcare” 2014: Donald E. Wilson

Donald E. Wilson, Dean Emeritus and director of the Program of Minority Health and Health Disparities Education at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, has dedicated his career to the advancement of medical science, education and the principles of diversity and equity in health care.

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When Dr. Wilson arrived at the University of Maryland in 1991, he became the nation’s first African-American dean at a predominately Caucasian medical school. Under Dr. Wilson’s leadership, the student body became more diverse and the number of full time African-American faculty doubled.

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As a student, Dr. Wilson found his inspiration reading books and articles written by liver disease expert, Carroll M. Leevy, M.D. “Given the lack of blacks in leadership positions in academic medicine, I thought he was white. I was shocked to meet this distinguished, approachable African American who became a good friend.”

Dr. Wilson seized every opportunity during his career, but he says there are many more opportunities and support systems today than when he was “growing up” in medicine. But, he added, you still have to take hold of them and apply yourself.

Dr. Wilson is not all medicine, however. “I used to sing on television, winning several talent shows in Worcester, Massachusetts. However, there is no doubt that I am a much more talented physician than vocalist.”

Congratulations, Dr. Wilson, for being one of the “Tops Blacks In Healthcare” 2014!

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