7 Things Men Really Mean

A couple on a date

What is a man really thinking. For just about forever, women have tried to interpret the male species. While, in theory, every man is different, research has found a number of surprising parallels. From his fear of commitment to his fondness for cuddling, certain emotions cause many men to freeze up rather than open up.

Here are some of the top secrets your guy may be keeping from you:

1. “I think you’re cool”
(What He Really Means: I really don’t want to commit because I’m dating more than just you)

If you ask a man what he really thinks of you, especially after dating him a few times, and all he has to say is that “you’re cool” or “I like you” then you shouldn’t look more into the relationship than the surface. His response, if it’s not descriptive, is just as it is. He thinks you’re nice, he likes hanging out with you and probably likes having sex with you–but it’s no more than that.  So if you’re looking for some deep response and don’t get it, then nine times out of 10, he’s weighing his options elsewhere and doesn’t feel the same way you feel about him.

2. “She’s just a friend”
(What He Really Means: She is one of my ex’s/dips/friends-with-benefits I used to have sex with)

Whenever a woman asks if a woman she sees a man with or was talking to and he responds that she is “just a friend” most of the time, there is something more to it than that. He has already witnessed HOW you asked him so he already feels like you may feel threatened (especially if the woman is attractive). So even though he may not be currently have sex with this woman he has in the past. So in order to not go down the road of an argument, he just lets it go with a “she’s a friend”. Please NOTE: It may have been years since he’s seen or went down that road with the other woman, but he feels he can’t tell the full truth because it’ll bring up an argument, so it’s easier (he thinks) to keep it on the surface.

3. “I forgot”
(What He Really Means: I forgot)

Many times women are a lot more analytical than men. Sometimes that can have it’s advantages, other times, it can lead to downfall.  Take the simple statement, “I forgot”– it just means the man forgot.  It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care as much, or he’s not in the relationship as much as you or anything like that.  A man can simply forget some of the details that women hold dear.  Don’t be too hard on him ladies, allow him to forget a couple of times, just make sure you give him something he’ll never forget (wink, wink).

4. “I’m not ready to settle down”
(What He Really Means: I don’t think you’re the one/I’m not done playing around)

Many women have heard this from time to time, either when they first start dating a man or if he tells them months in to it.  The problem is, many women don’t listen when a man’s says this. They let it go right over their head and think they can possibly change this man’s mind with their actions and/or body. But if he wasn’t ready then…

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