Fibroid Pain: Tips For Managing Your Sex Life

woman relaxing by candlesLiving with fibroids can be tough, especially when the imbalance in your hormones begins to take a toll on your sexual desire. Having sex can sometimes be painful because of those annoying masses of muscle sitting within the uterus, and it may make some women feel sexually inadequate in their relationships.  Black women are three times more likely to get fibroids than other women and if you are part of this number, living with fibroids doesn’t have to rob you of your birthright to have amazingly intimate situations with the one that you love.

Here are a few ways to keep your sex life vibrant while living with fibroids.

Erotic Massage

There is nothing more intimate than the experience of touch between two partners. Erotic massage helps to relax the body and mind, all while bringing stimulation and sexual arousal. You can build intimacy with your partner through experimenting with several hand-to-body techniques and by incorporating aroma therapy into the mix by using massage oils infused with essential oils. You will feel sexy, adored and alive after having your physical and sensual body catered to.

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Petting the “Pearl”

Sometimes the physical act of sex can be painful, yet the desire to have a climatic release lingers on your mind. You can solve this issue by having your partner massage your “pearl”  (a coquette word for clitoris) with his fingers, his lips or one of your favorite personal massagers.

Shallow entry

The very opening of the vagina has hundreds of nerve endings that can bring great stimulation to both you and your partner. If getting into the physical entry portion of sex is your desire, then using the shallow entry method will work for you. As your body begins to relax and settle into sensual bliss, your yoni (sacred word for vagina) will begin to open and blossom as well, allowing for deeper entry. Taking things slowly helps with managing pain, but if pain persists and becomes more uncomfortable than pleasurable, stop and switch to a non-entry sexual arousal technique.

Manage Estrogen Levels

When living with fibroids, we have the imbalance of estrogen hormones to thank for the fleeting desire to engage in sexual activity. Keep your libido in check by adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Oats, apples, beans and berries contain insoluble fiber that bind to estrogren to keep the body from absoring too much. Consulting your physician about medications that can help maintain a healthy level of estrogen is also an option.

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Focusing on breathing and pushing your breath into the sexual centers of your body to create arousal is essential in pain management. While in physical activity, focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, envisioning the breath moving down into your pelvis. Your mind will begin to relax and so will your lady parts.

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3 Of The Best Sex Positions For More Intimacy

couple in bed spooningThere are hundreds of sex positions that one can choose from, each one providing a different type of stimulation, but when it comes to building a bond between you and your lover, there are a few basic positions and their variations that can create the intimacy that is often missing in sexual situations. Eye contact, bodily closeness and focusing on the energy of your partner are the key ingredients in establishing that tenderness necessary to take a sexual experience from mundane and emotionless to deep and even spiritual. Here are three of the best positions that I suggest to build intimacy within your relationships.

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Spooning is the perfect position to transition from a late night cuddle session into a hot and steamy sexual experience! Spooning puts the bodies of you and your partner into close contact, creating a level of intimacy that only real lovers can enjoy and appreciate. Be aware of how warm your partner feels and how their body rises and falls back to rest during breathing. Being aware in the moment will bring you into a new awareness of your partner.


Any version of the missionary position is a great way to connect with your partner through eye contact and close bodily contact. In this position, lovers have the ability to gaze into each other’s eyes, exchange soft kisses and stroke each other’s face and hair in loving embraces while connected with each other. Keep eye contact while in motion to connect on a spiritual level, and speak words of adoration while in a locked gaze.


In this position, both lovers sit with their legs folded, with the female partner on top of the male partner. This position is a traditional meditation position and allows both partners to feel the breathing rhythms of the other as well as perfectly align their chakras (energy centers) for a deeper energy connection. Breathing and moving in sync in this position will create a cosmic connection of intimacy that is out of this world.


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