Your Mental Health First Aid Kit

We need to change our thoughts about talking to our loved ones about mental health and learn how to effectively respond. A first step would be to apply “KAS”:

  • Increase your Knowledge about general mental health. There are many organizations, like NAMI, dedicated to providing resources and information. Also, consider learning about your personal mental health history, including your family history.
  • Increase your Awareness about mental health stigma. What’s your attitude about mental illness? Are you open to discussing these matters with others?
  • Increase your Skills by taking Mental Health First Aid training or other courses that focus on teaching specific ways to identify and respond.

For more information and how to get your Mental Health First Aid kit training in your area, visit these resources:

Mental Health First Aid USA

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Mental Health America


Visit the Mental Health center for more helpful articles and tips.


Anissa MoodyDr. Anissa Moody is a psychologist and educator in New York City. She has published papers and given talks on the practice of mental hygiene and the social constructions of race, health, and gender among many topics. By sharing her expertise on current topics, Dr. Moody aims to raise awareness of mental health and highlight the importance of mental hygiene in enriching people’s lives. If you have questions or comments about this article, Tweet her @Frame_OfMind or join her on Facebook.


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