Feed Your Superpowers: 5 Superfoods For More Energy & Vitality

When it comes to eating healthy, there’s levels to this. Even in the class of fresh, organic, natural and certified “good for you” foods, some get top honors for their extra-credit nutrition.

Superfoods are packed with more minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and nutrients than foods in your typical diet. They also heal and build your body on a deeper level, helping to boost your immune system, detoxify and boost your energy.

Take your eating from subpar to super with five of the best superfoods for your body, mind and spirit.

1. Coconut

The coconut is super in my book simply for its versatility. Whether you have coconut water, meat, oil or butter you are guaranteed to get health benefits inside and out.

Coconut water is naturally cholesterol and fat free, low in calories and extremely hydrating. It also packs more potassium than four bananas! Drinking coconut water is helpful in preventing indigestion and reducing instances of acid reflux due to its high fiber content.

Coconut oil is a super saturated fat and studies show that the saturated fat found in coconut oil supports the nervous system, healthy skin, immune system and thyroid gland. I love using raw coconut oil in my natural hair, for cooking and as an all-over body moisturizer.

Coconut meat is high in protein and fiber and increasing your fiber intake aids in weight loss.

2. Maca Powder

Maca is great for men and women to keep hormones balanced and enhance libido and fertility. Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, C and E, adding maca to your diet will help fight fatigue, stress, depression and anemia. Try adding maca powder to your favorite smoothie for a daily energy boost.

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