Pay Attention, Ladies! 3 Foods To Keep You Focused

avocado smoothieOkay, this statistic might just shock you: According to expert estimates, up to 90% of women have some form of ADHD, yet the majority of us (75%) are undiagnosed. Adult ADHD occurs when the brain doesn’t properly produce dopamine, a neurochemical that plays a major role in focusing.

According to author John Gray, Ph.D., women who unknowingly live with ADHD for years do so by adapting and focusing even more on the things that are important them. “They constantly give too much to others and neglect their own needs. That leaves them overwhelmed, on edge and exhausted – even when they appear to have things under control,” he says.

There are known foods that can naturally boost your dopamine levels, helping to restore balance in your brain and life.

1. Green Tea

Instead of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks to keep you alert, go for a cup of green tea instead. Green tea contains high amounts of theanine, a dopamine booster that also helps to relieve stress. Caffeine can actually make ADHD symptoms worse by reducing blood flow to the brain and green tea contains 75% less caffeine than coffee.