Terrence J’s “Road To Shirtless”

Terrence_JIt’s one thing to get your abs right for a day at the beach, but a whole different event getting your abs camera-ready to be seen by hundreds of thousands of movie goers on the big screen. When actor and E! News host Terrence Jenkins, better known as Terrence J, was preparing for his shirtless scene in the film Think Like a Man Too last summer, he turned to celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins to get his abs ready for their close up. Oh, and she helped him go from having “zero” definition to sexy six-pack abs in only SIX WEEKS!

“The hardest thing right now is eating habits,” Terrence said at the start of his abs makeover. “Just as important as working out is the dietary piece. I’ve had to cut out carbs. I’m a huge fan of pasta and I’m not able to eat any pasta right now. I don’t eat much bread.”

READ: Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Any good trainer will tell you that sleek, solid abs are made in the kitchen NOT the gym and “The Hollywood Trainer” is no exception. Known for sculpting Kelly Rowland’s abs, Jeanette Jenkins swears by helping her clients eat healthier, whole foods.

To get abs like Terrence J’s, follow Jeanette’s five tips for ordering and preparing healthy meals.