Sarcoidosis: Uncovering The Mysterious Disease

… warps the structure of the lung, which can make breathing difficult. It also affects the lungs’ ability to move oxygen into the bloodstream.

Ninety percent of cases affect the lungs. Other common sites include:

  • skin
  • liver
  • lymph glands
  • spleen
  • eyes
  • nervous system, including the brain
  • muscles and bones (musculoskeletal system)
  • heart
  • kidneys

Sarcoidosis Causes
Nobody yet knows what causes sarcoidosis. Most scientists believe it is a disease of the immune system, where the body’s natural defense system does not function properly. Some believe that sarcoidosis might be the result of a respiratory infection caused by a virus. Others blame toxins or allergens in the environment.

Researchers are studying sarcoidosis to understand its cause and many other questions related to the disease.

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