5 Uncommon Toothbrush Beauty Tricks

toothbrushesEveryone has toothbrushes from the dentist’s office that they never use. Maybe you keep a stash of free toothbrushes for guests, emergency toothbrush needs or maybe you just throw them away. Instead of tossing them, try these tricks for hair, nails and more!

1. Whenever I try to rock a high pony all of my baby hairs stick out, making my ponytail look frizzy and less sleek. Just spray the bristles of an old toothbrush with hairspray and use short strokes to help tame fly aways!!

2. Why bother investing in an expensive eyebrow brush when you can use a cheap toothbrush to do the job instead! Brush your unruly eyebrows using a toothbrush to get cleaner looking eyebrows.

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3. Do you have blackheads? Well fear no more because a toothbrush can help you eliminate all your pesky unwanted blackheads! Gently exfoliate your skin by using small circular motions. Don’t be too forceful or your skin will be left feeling raw and red.