Bent Out Of Shape: How To Protect Your Knees

Wear shoes with support.

The feet are at the very end of the body and they support the pressure of gravity weighing down on pounds of muscle, bones and fat. Due to the amount of pressure the feet are under daily, it is important to have shoes that support your weight to take extra stress off the knees that often receive the backlash of pain when the feet fail to hold up. If you have flat feet (my feet are as flat as a board), then wear shoes that have arch support or a bit of height leverage (a short heel) to make sure the feet can properly carry you through your day with ease.  For the ladies, high heels are super cute and are a major purchase during the spring/summer season, but when purchasing these towering beauties, make sure to buy shoes that have a platform if the heel is four inches or above. The platform will put less stress on your knees with every step you take.


Tighten up those thighs.

The thigh muscles (hamstrings and quads) are some of the largest muscles in the body and are responsible for keeping the knees strong and the legs moving properly.  If you are having more stress than normal weighing down on your knees, then it is time for you to hit the lunges and leg presses to strengthen those muscles! The stronger your hamstrings are, the more they can support your knees.  You will experience a bit of pain during the tearing of the muscles to build them up, but your knees will thank you later!

Avoid activities that are hard on the knees.

Squatting down, kneeling on your knees, extreme stretches and other activities that require for you to use your knees in ways that may be harmful to them should be avoided.  If you work a job that requires a lot of bending, lifting and squatting, make sure to use proper form and technique when lifting objects to ensure the safety of your knees.

Visit the Arthritis center for more helpful articles and tips.

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