Master P: “Hopefully, I Can Inspire Others”

Anyone who was listening to rap during the mid ’90s knows that Percy Robert “Master P” Miller and his No Limit crew were among the music industry’s most popular and highest grossing. Now, over 20 years later, Master P has become more of family man, focusing on projects that promote family values and even supporting his ever popular son, Romeo, with his rise to stardom.

Lately, Master P was back in the spotlight for music, but not his own. In 2016, he was the narrator for Solange Knowles critically acclaimed album, A Seat At The Table. Here, P describes how the old school/new school collaboration came about:

“The album happened the way it was supposed to happen because Solange is a star and it’s her time. Like I told her, I said, a lot of people looking at Beyoncé, and Beyoncé is a superstar, she deserves that. But Solange has always been different, and if you’re persistent, and you keep believing in something, then you’re gonna create your own fanbase. And she [did that] outside of being in the shadow of her sister.

“That’s what I love about her, she’s always been independent, she don’t care about what people say, what people think about her, you know, she’s a fighter.”

Master P is also making another move in the entertainment industry with the filimg of his new biopic soon to be released in fall of 2018.

Filming for King of the South, a film based on the life of the rapper and No Limit Records founder has already begun casting and preliminary shooting.

The story will go through Master P’s life, from his beginnings in one of the “toughest neighborhoods in the country, the Calliope Projects,” to the founding of his label, No Limit Records, which went on to sell over 100 million records, Fader notes.

Queen Latifah and The Wire’s Wendell Pierce are both expected to appear in the film.

“The timing is right for me to tell my story,” Master P said in a statement. “It was tough back then, especially being from the South; New Orleans was the murder capital at the time. I want others to learn from my mistakes and understand my work ethic of never giving up, no matter what it may look like.”

Master P and his son Romeo Miller launched the “Miller Family Challenge” of health and fitness, in which P endured a 90-day fitness challenge to get in shape with his son acting as trainer.

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The program was created by the Millers to help encourage families to be the best they can be, via proper diet and exercise. In fact, they challenge other families to join the movement.

“In America, we have so many people who have heart disease, high blood pressure and suffer from obesity. It is important we encourage our families to eat right and exercise both their minds and their bodies,” said Master P.

“This is something that my family and I are passionate about. We have lost so many family members and friends to health issues like…

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