Chris Brown: Growing Up, Moving On And Life After PTSD


Chris Brown, the talented singer, dancer and now father has had a checkered past. Seen more for his run-ins with the law than his entertainment including his infamous domestic violence run-in with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris served an additional two-month, judge-ordered sentence in a California anger management rehab facility.

Now in 2019, the Grammy-award winner was charged after a run in with a couple in a club in Tampa Florida. A witness in the crowd recorded some of the commotion using a cell phone.

Tampa police investigators said Brown punched a photographer during the event. That photographer alleged that the impact sent him into a wall and left him with a busted lip.

But the now 30-year-old singer has been through a lot–much of which was before he became famous.

When most young boys are at home playing video games, Chris Brown says he watching pornography and having sex.

In an interview when he was 24-years-old, the singer revealed he lost his virginity at the tender age of eight. While many would see eight as far too young, the singer claims it just started him down the road of being a ladies man early on.

“So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it,” Chris said. He went on to say “It was a different world living in the country.” Referring to the country parts of Virgina where Chris grew up.

But Chris is now changing his focus as he sees himself in his daughter, Royalty. He says he’s shifted his focus to her.

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(Royalty and Chris Brown – photo courtesy of Chris Brown instagram)

Brown has joint custody of Royalty, his first child, whose mother is his ex-girlfriend, Nia Guzman. And even with his hectic schedule, Chris is happy to see his little girl any time he can.

“That’s the best part of being a dad,” Brown said. “You know, doing those little things. Bedtime is crazy for me ’cause I always was like…trying to avoid bedtime when I was a kid, like, ‘No, Mom, just 15 more minutes, please!’ So I’ll keep like the kids’ channel on and turn it all the way low and turn all the lights out, and you know, I’ll lay in the bed with her and like rub her back until she actually falls asleep. But some nights, she’s not having it. Like, she just is totally energetic—’Aaaaaaah!!!'”

The recording artist entered rehab after throwing a rock through the window of his mother’s car. Brown was on probation since pleading guilty in 2009 to a felony charge of assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna’s history of aggression is due to the singer’s post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, a rehab facility has confirmed.

“Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD,” says a letter from the facility, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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“Mr. Brown will also require close supervision by his treating physician in order to…

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