5 Health Tests Every Black Mother Should Have

pregnant woman with doctorAs a mother, you will spend the rest of your life worrying about the health and needs of others. Make sure that you’re getting everything YOU need and not putting your health on the back burner in the process. All women should have the following tests and exams, but these are especially important for mothers-to-be, who are living, breathing and eating for two (or more!).

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1. Fasting Blood-Sugar Test

This test screens for diabetes by measuring the sugar in your blood after an eight-hour fast. Most women should be tested every one to two years after age 40, however, women with high risk factors such as high blood pressure, a family history of diabetes or are overweight should be tested sooner at age 30. African Americans are twice as likely to develop diabetes, automatically putting African-American women in a high risk category. Research also shows that gestational diabetes – diabetes developed during pregnancy in previously non-diabetic women – may be 50 to 80 percent more likely in pregnant black women.