5 Ways To Get Vitamin D…Without Milk

3. Mushrooms

Depending on the type of mushroom, you can consume a significant amount of vitamin D. Go for the shitake mushrooms, which have 45 iu (about 1/13) of a daily serving of vitamin D. The also popular white mushroom only has 5 iu.  Mushrooms can be exposed to sun or ultraviolet light to increase their vitamin D.

4. Cereal

Cereals fortified with vitamin D provides a more balanced option than a vitamin D supplement. Read cereal labels carefully since the amount of vitamin D varies widely by brand and type. Vitamin D levels in fortified cereals can range anywhere from 34 iu (about one-seventeenth of a daily dose) in corn flakes to 104 iu (about one-sixth a daily dose) in raisin bran, according to findings from the USDA.  I know what you’re thinking:  “What about milk for my cereal?” If you don’t want to snack on dry cereal, try eating a bowl of cereal with almond or rice milk.

5. Beef Liver

Beef is a top source of iron and vitamin B-12, and a 3-ounce portion of beef liver has more than 42 iu of vitamin D – about 1/14 of a daily dose needed for someone who doesn’t get much exposure to the sun. Select grassfed beef, if possible, for additional nutrition.

Extra Tip: Okra
That’s right, okra. The vegetable usually associated with down south but one cup of cooked Okra delivers 172 mg and is great fried, boiled, or served alongside pretty much any meat

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