3 Easy Wall Workouts For Toned Legs & Thighs

You may not always feel like going to the gym or running/walking, but trust and believe there are NO days off when it comes to getting (and keeping) your glutes, legs, and thighs toned! If you’re in minimalist mode, try this simple three-exercise circuit where all you need is a flat, bare wall and about three feet of clear floor space (a mat is optional).

If you want to keep it tight, keep it right, do three sets of each exercise, resting one minute in between each set (if you absolutely must). The exercises can be done with shoes on, or off if you want to avoid messing up your walls.

Wall Squats

You can probably feel the burn in your quads (muscles on the front of your thighs) just reading the phrase “wall squats”! This exercise is great for not only building strength and endurance in your quads, but also the glutes and calves.

  1. Start standing with your back pressed against a wall, with feet shoulder-width about two feet from wall.
  2. Slowly slide your back down the wall until you’re in a squatting position, with your thighs parallel to the floor.
  3. Adjust your feet so that your legs make a 90-degree angle, with your knees aligned directly above your ankles. If your knees are over your toes, slide up a little.
  4. Keep your back flat while holding the position.

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Marching Bridges

Bridges are a great way to give some focused attention to your glutes and the hamstrings (back of the upper leg). Doing them correctly is also a great core-strengthening exercise. Marching bridges takes this move up to the next level!

  1. Lie down on your back, arms at your side, and knees bent up with your toes touching the wall.
  2. Tighten your abs (squeeze core and try to pull your belly button toward your spine) and slowly walk your feet up the wall,…