The Best Age To Have “The Talk” With Your Child Is…

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Sexuality is an innate part of our human makeup that becomes awakened during our preteen and teenage years.  However, some children actually become aware of their sex and sexuality much younger than the designated puberty years of 10-13 years old.  Many parents make it a priority to shield their children from sexual content and forms of sexual expression that are deemed “not suitable” for children and minors, but when a child does become aware of their sexual feelings the issue arises of when is the best time to speak about the subject.

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The Internet is now a staple in the lives of our youth, and is easily accessible through smart phones, iPods and tablets.  Gone are the days of seeking information from libraries and elders.  It only takes a click of a button for one to find the answers for what they have questions about, and when a curious child begins to have these new found feelings of desire and want, it’s natural for them to turn to the Internet for the answers they seek.

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