Lenny Kravitz Never Leaves Home Without This

… Paris half the year, and I love indulging in pastries and fine foods and wine and Champagne. If I do cheat, it’s usually with something pretty outrageous. Then I get it out of my system and get back to trying to stay fit.”

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One tip that Lenny shares about anyone looking to start living healthy is to follow your body.’ “I was vegetarian for many, many years, but I woke up one day craving meat. After, like, 15 years, I woke up and it was, like, ‘I need meat.’ So I followed my body. I did the whole grass-fed, organic, best-quality thing. Now I’m eating more vegetables and fish, especially being in the Bahamas so many months of the year. I have my own organic farm and I eat fish. Eat light. Eat four or five little meals a day, even if a couple of them are juices or shakes. I do a lot of coconut water. You’ve gotta take care of your body.”

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