Q&A: Any Natural Remedies For Razor Bumps?

Close up of young African man shaving his face while standing against grey background

One of our facebook fans asks: Any natural remedies for razor bumps or folliculitis? – M. Thompson

A: Razor bumps, also known by the much longer name pseudofolliculitis barbae, are a shaver’s nightmare. They can be painful, irritating, and a flat out nuisance. The bumps are caused when hair that has been shaved takes a U-turn and begins to poke back into the skin, leaving it red, inflamed, and itchy. Here are a few home remedies to help ease the pain and shrink the bumps.


– Lemon juice has long been known to be an anti-inflammatory for the skin. It also has anesthetic effects that are soothing and can relieve irritation. This method works best if you use a fresh lemon. Cut the lemon in half, squeezing the juice into a small bowl. Coat a cotton ball in the juice and gently dab it onto the irritated area. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

– Black tea is also an effective soother because it contains tannic acid. Tannic acid is known to reduce inflammation and redness. Buy some inexpensive black tea bags because the cheaper brands actually contain more of this miracle ingredient. Place the bag in some warm water and lightly rub it on, then let sit for a few minutes. Repeat over a few days if necessary.

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