15 Reasons Married Sex Is Better


Oftentimes, sex between married couples gets a bad rap, with many saying that it has to be boring having sex with the same person over and over again for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. But our married experts say forget the rumors that married sex is only bound to boring infrequency. There’s actually plenty of toe-curling, back-scratching and earlobe-biting intimacy to be had between a husband and wife. Check out this list of reasons why married sex is better–way better–than singleness:

1. You Don’t Have to Look Perfect
He’s seen you when you’re exhausted, after you’ve gotten out of the shower when you forgot to take off your eye makeup — and he still loves you. Sex is stress-free when you don’t have to worry about having the perfect makeup, the perfect lingerie, or even being perfectly groomed. – T. Langram

2. The Daylong Foreplay
The touch in the kitchen, the look during carpool, the accidental innuendo that thankfully goes above your kids’ heads, the flirty emails — it all makes it so much hotter when you finally can get each other alone. – B. Edwards

3. The Call The Next Day
You can ask for what you want without worrying about being too forward. He’ll call you in the morning, scratch that, you’ll be in the same bed together when you wake up in the morning! – J. Jones

4. Sex Can Heal (Seriously!)
Sex in a marriage can help you both get past ruts. Getting cozy in between the sheets will foster a sense of intimacy even if things aren’t perfect in other aspects of your marriage. – M. Thomas

5. Sneaking With Your Mate Can Be Sexy
Stolen moments feel illicit and sexy, especially if you’re sneaking around while the kids are (briefly) napping. – J. Lewis

6. You Can Experiment More
You know each other so well that you can be open about your fantasies, desires and curiosities. You can try your hand at dirty talk and not feel ridiculous. – T. Brown

7. Quickie Here, Quickie There
Some sex is better than no sex. You can make up a quickie signal with your live-in mate and go at it during any time of the day or night, whenever the mood strikes. – L. Studemeyer

8. The Results Are In!
You’ve both been tested for STDs and you’re in a monogamous love nest, so now the nerve-wracking risk is gone! – R. Kramer

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9. Booty Call
Booty calls are never far away. In fact, one is probably down the hall from you right now! – N. Johnson