Luckie’s Quick Tips: Define Your Abs With The Running Crunch

  • Tones abs and obliques (muscles along sides of torso)
  • Builds core ( abs/lower back)



1. Sit on buttocks and lean back until abs are fully contracted.

running crunch 1

2. With legs in mid-air and knees slightly bent, balance on the space between your buttock/tail bone. This is the starting position.

3. In a running motion, raise right knee while swinging left arm, then raise left knee while swinging right arm. That is one rep.

running crunch 2


running crunch 3

Luckie’s Food Tip: Pistachios


  • Great source of fiber to assist with satiety (feeling full)
  • Good source of heart healthy unsaturated (“good”) fats
  • Solid source of Omega 3
  •  A recent study has shown that nuts may assist in reducing the risk of late life Alzheimer’s

HOW TO CONSUME: Use raw nuts. Consume handful for snack and/or add handful to cereal.

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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Sloan Luckie bio picSloan Luckie, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Public Accountant, is the author of the optimal health workbook, Body Under Construction. Body Under Construction shows how to use nutrition, exercise and sleep to attain and maintain optimal health. Sloan’s unique philosophy on building and maintaining optimal health has garnered significant media attention. He has appeared on NBC’s “The Talk” with Marion Brooks, NY1 News with Cheryl Wills, WVON Radio with Kendall Moore, WYCA Radio with TL Richardson and graced the pages of Syd Jerome magazine. He’s conducted wellness demonstrations for women’s heart disease, men’s prostate and childhood obesity awareness seminars. Sloan has also conducted nutrition and fitness demonstrations for corporations and not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States.

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