Tell Your Man Your Hair Is Fake!

woman with long hair 2I hate to say this, but you have got to be upfront about what you like to adorn your hair with. Most men these days still have no clue what goes on with a woman’s hair, and even though most claim they hate fake hair, as long as it looks nice they probably can’t even tell. If it’s one thing that is absolutely clear,it’s assumptions are not your best friend. Fess up early about the fake stuff because it’s truly beneficial for both of you.

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I know for me personally I have no issue telling a guy, “Hey just so you know, I love rocking my wigs and weave”, but that is probably because I am comforted by the fact that my natural hair is long and thick. If you are a bit more hesitant about revealing your dirty little secret, try remembering that honesty is the best policy here, and if he can’t accept it, then it/s better that you found out now!


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