Tested: 5 Real Ways To Cope With An HIV Positive Diagnosis

woman thoughtful

Living with ailments or diseases can be a disheartening, especially when that disease has no known cure to date.  Contracting HIV is a serious issue that plagues the African-American community at alarming rates. According to the CDC, the rate of new HIV infection in African Americans is 8 times that of whites based on population size. For many, this diagnosis is the end of a comfortable life as they know it. 

Living with this disease isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, but once the status is revealed, there is no turning back and one must learn how to cope with the reality of living with HIV.  Coping may take some time, but taking these following steps may help.

Come to terms with the diagnosis.

Hearing the words “you tested positive” can be pretty scary once the reality of the situation sets in.  In the past before extensive research had taken place, an HIV diagnosis used to immediately take one’s mind to death, but now with more understanding of the disease people can live for many years with HIV while keeping the condition under control. It’s common for a person to be hard on themselves thinking back in retrospect of how this could have been prevented, but acceptance is a first step toward coping and focusing on the rest of your future.

Do your research.

Researching HIV, its symptoms and how to keep things under control is a great way to cope with living with the disease. Learning how to eat and care for the body while living with HIV and having a well-rounded understanding of exactly what is happening to the body will put your mind at ease and help with coping daily.

Find a support group.

You’d be surprised, but there are a number of support groups available in person at clinics and medical centers and…