Lance Gross On Life, Love & Beautiful Black Skin

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Actor, model and photographer Lance Gross has had quite a great last couple of years.  He had his first child, got married to his longtime girlfriend, just welcomed his second child, a son, and was praised for his stunning photography.  All in all, Lance said that this is a time where he couldn’t be happier.

The actor has taken Hollywood by storm in just a few short years. From being seen on the small screen, in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” or on the big screen in “Our Family Wedding” and “Tyler Perry’s Temptation.” The model-turned-actor also stays wasn’t always comfortable in his skin and even made fun of for it. But his undeniably great smile and skin are what he takes pride in daily.

“Being in the public eye, I like to keep myself nice, clean and shaven,” says the thirty-something actor.“I have sensitive skin. If I’m at work all day and have makeup on, then I make sure it’s off of my face before I leave the set.”

“I’m also big into moisturizing my skin,” Lance admits. Using a simple, non-abrasive soap isn’t the only key to Lance’s skin, it’s also consistency. “I like to keep my skin clean and moisturized and then I’m good to go.”


“Being put together, hair is neat, makeup is on point,” says Gross. “You don’t have to do much, you just have to look presentable.” But Lance is not only an actor. He’s a painter, having decorated and painted his entire condo in Los Angeles himself, a photographer and an athlete who “plays everything”.

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On Life
Success hasn’t come to Lance Gross in every part of his life, however. Being raised in a household by parents who’ve been married for almost half a century has made him long for a love like theirs. Yet it’s something he just hasn’t found yet. “I’ve learned our generation isn’t the same. We don’t think the same and people aren’t into working on themselves”. But although he recognizes the differences in a world that seems to not be conducive to a love that lasts forever, Lance stresses the qualities in himself that make him an ideal mate. “If I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you. You don’t have to worry about anything”, he says, “If you’re mine, I’m yours. I’ll give you everything that you need”.

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On Love
Speaking about his wife Rebecca Jefferson, he says. “She was my best friend first. I can sit alone in silence with her and have the time of my life, we’re good. I love when a woman is…

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