Kellita Smith: “I Had To Keep My Sanity”

When beautiful actress Kellita Smith landed a part on the late, great Bernie Mac’s “The Bernie Mac Show,” it gave her instant widespread recognition. She second-guessed herself after being told “No” twice when she auditioned for the part of Bernie’s wife. After a month of interviews, she finally landed the job.

Smith co-starred alongside Mo’Nique in the Hair Show, and later appeared in Fair Game, King’s Ransom, Roll Bounce, Three Can Play That Game and starred as the role of First Lady Katherine Johnson in the syndicated sitcom, The First Family. Now, she stars as a gun-slinging strong woman in the hit show, Z Nation.

As the show continued to make people laugh, Kellita began to have more notoriety. And with more eyes watching came more scrutiny–from herself.

Believe it or not, this sexy actress whose sizzling photos have graced the pages of men’s magazines admits that she once struggled with emotional eating. In fact, Kellita lost a substantial amount of weight between the second and third seasons of The Bernie Mac Show. Low-carbohydrate eating was the secret to her weight loss, but she says she tried to stay realistic to what she could handle.

“In the past, I have been too extreme,” she says. “Then, I would binge, and it would all be over. This time, I tried to make healthy eating a way of life.”

Though she didn’t follow a particular diet plan, Kellita limited her intake of complex carbohydrates. She did suffer cravings for bread, which she satisfied by eating a less-refined form of wheat bread known as…

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