Kellita Smith: “I Had To Keep My Sanity”

…spelt. “Sometimes you just need to chew on bread, which was unrealistic” she says.



Though she had to stop eating french fries and pancakes, Kellita still maintains a passion for her favorite food: birthday cake. “Now, I have it as an occasional indulgence,” she says. “A slice of white cake with butter cream icing is my favorite.”

Kellita stays in shape with an active lifestyle. She does an hour of Pilates and an hour of spinning at least three days a week… five if her schedule permits. “Being active just makes me feel better,” she says. “I have to get that side of me out. She needs to live.”

Other hobbies include fencing, tennis and Tae Kwon Do. “When I was an unemployed artist, I had to keep my sanity,” Kellita says. “The martial arts helped me keep focused and center into something.” Fortunately for her fans, it doesn’t look like Kellita will be unemployed again anytime soon.

“Though I’m more established in television, I also enjoy working in film because it is more internal,” she says. “Those subtle moments really come across on the big screen.”

“I have candles all around my tub. I light incense. I play R&B or jazz music. I put a little bubble bath in there. I take all the clothes off, get in the tub and forget about everything. Then I envision myself as a goddess on a cliff. So high that no one can see me.”


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