Bi-Weekly Massage: Self-Care or Selfish?

man massage

Massage is often seen as a pretentious act designed for the elite and those who can afford the service, but massage is actually a form of therapy that releases toxic chemicals, tension and stress from the body that buils up over days and months of activity.  Massages are actually more affordable than one would think, typically starting at $59 at facilities that are national chains and working their way up in price at hotels and spas.  No matter where your budget is set, adding a bi-weekly massage to your health routine is highly recommended.  Here are five healthy reasons why bi-weekly massage is necessary.

Relieves tension

Poor posture from sitting in chairs at desks all week, sleeping incorrectly, slouching while walking and holding on to stress can cause muscles to become tense and sore.  One study found that patients who received weekly or bi-weekly massage had less stiffness and increased mobility. Bi-weekly massage can help with releasing tension that can make the body ache and allow more free movement in everyday walking and bodily function.

Removes toxins from muscles

On a daily basis, our bodies absorb many different chemicals through the skin, eyes and from the food we eat, and these chemicals seep into the muscles that can cause cramping and stiffness.  Getting a massage bi-weekly can help to remove these impurities from the muscles and flush them out through the bowels and urine. Drinking lots of water after a massage is key.

Promotes healthy cellular growth

Massaging the skin and muscles helps with promoting healthy cellular growth.  Cells go through a cycle of dying and regenerating themselves in every part of the body, and massage helps to…

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