Q&A: Best Natural Remedies For Migraines?

couple grocery shoppingQ: Are there natural remedies for migraines? – K. Smith

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A: The best natural remedy for migraines is a healthy lifestyle, which consists of getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet. Some other remedies you may want to try:

Acupunture: This ancient Chinese technique involves the insertion of very fine, solid needles into certain points of the body. The acupuncture corrects energy imbalances, which is believed to be where the pain originates in a migraine.


Water: Not cold, not hot, but room temperature water and lots of it to help clean out your system.

Massage: This is a great way to reduce stress and relieve tension.

Herbs: Feverfew is the most popular herbal remedy for prevention of migraine headaches. Butterbur is also thought to prevent migraines.

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Essential Oils: Lavender, ginger or peppermint oil may help relieve tension-related headaches.