Which Psoriasis Treatment Is Right For You?

cream ointmentDo you or someone you know suffer from psoriasis? This quick-read resource is packed with psoriasis treatment information so you will be well informed about the range of psoriasis treatment options during your next medical visit.

“The spectrum of available psoriasis treatments and remedies range from invasive and non-invasive therapies to traditional remedies and holistic antidotes,” said Kim Tuck, RN, President and Chief Executive Officer of NurseWise. “Your medical provider is always the best source to consult with about the most appropriate treatment regimens for your health.”

Some of the most popular psoriasis treatment options in the United States are:

Topical treatments – Topical treatments are salve and cream-based medications that are applied to the skin. Topical treatments are usually used as the first line of defense in treating psoriasis. This form of treatment slows and normalizes excessive cell reproduction and reduces inflammation. There are numerous over the counter (OTC) and prescription topical treatments available for the treatment of psoriasis.

The Rx route – Systemic medications are prescription medications that work throughout the body. They are usually used for individuals with moderate to severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Systemic medications are also used in those who are unresponsive or allergic to topical medications. Prescriptions treatments are often used with people who are unable to undergo UV light therapy.

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