Terry Crews: Family, Football, Fun

terry-crews2Actor and former NFL football player, Terry Crews is known for having his shirt off and playing wacky, but memorable characters. He is perhaps best known for playing Julius on the UPN/CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, or his appearances in Old Spice commercials. But the fun-loving fit actor is more than just muscles. He’s a family man who’s been married for nearly 25 years, is dedicated to father’s rights and one who likes to keep his mind sharp.

On Health
“Football did not help me with regards to health, I think,” admits Crews. “What I mean is that the basis for exercise should be to be healthy. Not about just trying to catch a ball or something. So when I retired from the NFL, at first I felt like I didn’t really have to work out anymore, because there was no game on the horizon. That’s why a lot of star athletes gain so much weight. I eventually realized that I needed to work out for my brain and my body. My brain is my tool, and the best thing for it is exercise.”

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“Getting in my workout every day calms me down, helps me think better, and helps me learn my lines faster,” Crews says. “The actual specifics of the workout don’t matter. It’s the habit. Just getting there and doing it. You almost have to think of your workout like going to a spa — the minute it doesn’t make you feel better, it’s not going to be a habit you can sustain. So the whole ‘no pain, no gain’ thing, it doesn’t work. In fact, exercise can never feel like work.”