Ice Cream Is Supposed To Melt, Right?

walmart ice cream sandwichesIce cream is supposed to melt, right? Well, that’s what we thought, too. When this classic frozen treat is left outside of the freezer or gets a little too much sunshine, it’s supposed to turn into a sweet puddle. But one woman found her son’s ice cream sandwich just wouldn’t melt after it was left outside overnight.

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Christie Watson, of Cincinnati, was shocked when her son’s Great Value ice cream sandwich from Walmart didn’t melt in the sun. Christie told the Cincinnati news station WCPO that her son left a Walmart ice cream sandwich outside for 12 hours. Despite it being 80 degrees, the ice cream sandwich never fully melted.

“I thought it quite weird so I looked at the box and it doesn’t say artificial ice cream,” Watson told WCPO. “So I thought to myself, what am I feeding my children?”

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