Say What?! 7 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

These days, celebrities are held to a standard of near perfection. But in spite of their beauty and talent, celebrities are still regular people just like you and me–with their own imperfections. Whether it be webbed toes, clubbed thumbs, or triple nipples, you may be surprised at just how many of our favorite celebs have physical deformities.


(photo credit: Denzel Washington facebook)

Denzel Washington –
The actor is known for his perfectly symmetrical face but his right pinky finger is badly crooked! As a child, Denzel broke the finger playing basketball and never had it set properly. The finger is bent at the bottom knuckle a full 45 degrees outward from his other fingers.



(photo credit: facebook)

Sanaa Lathan –
Sanaa Lathan has a common deformity known as clubbed thumb, or Brachydactyly. It’s a genetic condition characterized by short, bulbous thumbs and wide nail beds.



(photo credit: Taye Diggs facebook)

Taye Diggs –
Taye Diggs was born with 12 fingers—an extra on each hand. They were removed when he was a child.


celebrities with deformities

Damon Wayans –
Funnyman Damon Wayans was born with a clubbed foot, a fairly common birth defect affecting nearly one in…

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