Wesley Snipes: Always Bet On Black

Wesley Snipes Reuters 660Who would have thought that a young boy who dreamed of a career in musical theater would become a superstar actor as a half-vampire, half-mortal, vampire-slaying man named Blade? Not only did Wesley Snipes dream and star in the original film, he also starred in the sequel, Blade 2 and in the third one, Blade: Trinity in 2004.

But he got his first big break in the Michael Jackson video, Bad.

The 56-year-old Snipes calls working with Jackson an “unbelievable” experience that solidified his desire to continue acting.

“To be around a master of the art form like that, to have the opportunity to sit and learn and watch his process was amazing, life changing, artistically life changing,” he said.

A couple scenes from the video were shot in Harlem, where, Snipes said, Jackson hadn’t visited for a long time. Snipes said there were two very different groups on the block watching filming take place: people who were angry with Jackson for not coming to Harlem sooner and his crazed fans.

“He got a little nervous about that, so here we are walking down the street … and he asked me, ‘Are you scared?’” Snipes recalled. “I was like, ‘Nah, Mike. Are you?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, a little.’ So I went from being his co-star to his bodyguard.” LOL!

Snipes, always one to be in phenomenal shape especially whenever he was prepping for a movie, couple be anybody’s bodyguard. So how does he keep fit even at 56?


His workout plans include weight training, calisthenics, Pilates, stretching, kicking, boxing, yoga and plenty of sleep. Calisthenics is a very dynamic exercise filled with rhythmical movements for increasing flexibility and body strength. With only the use of your body weight for resistance, you’ve got to jump, bend, swing, twist and kick. Not only does this sort of exercise improve your muscles, it also helps develop balance.

Even after his stint in prison for tax evasion in 2010, many counted out Snipes, citing that he would probably end out of shape. But on the contrary, Snipes still kept his body in the best shape ever and still does to this day.

The other way that Snipes improves his balance and muscles is through Pilates. Pilates focuses deeper into the abdomen and back internal muscles. Next with yoga, he is able to discover health and happiness. His cardiovascular system is strengthened with…