10 Best Cities To Raise Black Children

best cities for african americansWe received a lot of feedback for the article, the 10 Worst Cities To Raise Black Children. So much so that we had to publish an article detailing the Best cities to raise African American children.  This list is based upon the numbers of 5-17 year old children living in an urban city per capita. That number of black children in each city also has not changed or has grown larger in the past 10 years, thus assuming the trend continueshaving a longer life expectancy. See below for the list:

**UPDATE*: Please note that numbers in this article were provided by an independent agency.  The numbers quoted have been since updated to reflect the most current (2010) population numbers. Stats gathered from Forbes, Inc, and the U.S. Census.

The list has been compiled using 3 key areas:
-Median Household Income