Paul George’s Injury: How Does That Happen?


It was the break heard all around the world.  When USA basketball player Paul George broke his leg at a nationally televised USA Basketball exhibition, the dramatic nature of the injury caused an uproar and started a big blame game. But many may go back and forth about why it happened, we take a look at how could a break be so gruesome just by playing basketball? We take a cue from Paul Grosso, president of The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics.

“The injury comes from force against the bone at the wrong angle,” Grosso said. “The worst one of these injuries, open fractures, actually was a woman who was hanging curtains and fell off a 2-foot stepladder.”

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“The biggest worry right away is infection,” Grosso said. “Typically with an open tib-fib fracture, you try to get the person into surgery within eight hours to make sure there’s no infection around the wound.”