Magic Johnson At 60: “I Plan To Go On Living For A Long Time”

On Sirius XM, Johnson explained the details of his health, saying that he is not healthy because of his wealth nor because he consumed a specially concocted drug that cured his disease, as many have surmised. In fact, the Hall of Famer explained that he takes the same 30-something drugs that other folks battling the virus take as well as a cocktail of three of them every day after dinner.

The 6’9″ L.A. Dodgers owner wanted to make clear that he still has the virus but it is in a dormant state, telling the radio show host Renada Romain, “I do have it and have had it for 22 years. It’s just laying asleep in my body.”

20 Years Later: What’s Changed After Magic Johnson’s Announcement?

The purpose of Johnson doing the interview was to let folks know that the virus does not affect everyone in the same way and that he is just one of the lucky few to have survived as long as he has with it, “The virus acts different in everybody … so just because I’m doing well, you might NOT do well,” he told Romain. Johnson also wanted to point out that he has not sought any magic cures from Kenyan witch doctors or Mexican healers, which is yet another myth that surrounds him.

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