Why Having A Board Certified Doctor Matters

baby with doctors

There has been much said recently about competent plastic surgery, with numerous television programs devoted to topics such as “botched” plastic surgeries and numerous Internet articles discussing a “10 Best” list for whatever the latest  surgical miracle is available. Just as being competent is important (because neither doctor nor patient wants to experience a surgery gone wrong), it should also be every doctor’s priority to be a true patient advocate. Medical specialty certification, also known as board certification, is one way to display that level of care.

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When a person completes his or her medical school curriculum, they are required to pass an examination that allows them to request a medical license from whichever state they would like to practice. There are two paths that a student can take to become a physician: they can obtain their M.D. (Medical Doctor) or their D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) degree.