Food Coloring: 5 Natural Hair Dyes From The Kitchen

beet juiceSkip the shop and the chemicals! For a healthier alternative, dye your hair at home naturally with these foods:

1. Lemons

The lemon method has been around forever. They assist in lightening and adding highlights to the hair. This natural method works better over time, with consistent use.  The lemon juice acts as a natural bleach and its lightening effects can be intensified by exposing the lemon-treated hair to sunlight.

2. Walnuts, Black Walnuts

This natural method is one of the most powerful. The walnut hulls are what create the dark dye. You would need to crush them and then cover them with boiling water and let them soak for 2-3 days. You can even opt to try using black walnut powder. In this case, boil water and pour a couple tablespoons of the powder in the water. Let the mixture steep for a few hours or  longer if you are looking to achieve a darker color (longer steeping = darker).

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 3. Coffee

Want a natural hair rinse? Try a strong brew of black coffee…hold the cream and sugar of course!  Let the coffee steep for a longer period of time and then pour the coffee on hair or dip you hair into the coffee mixture.