7 Steps To Apply Makeup Properly

Close-up of a woman applying mascara

If you weren’t aware, there is a proper order to accomplishing a flawless face of makeup. You are probably wondering what’s first. Is it lipstick or eyes? At what point do you apply blush? Is it okay to apply eyeliner after mascara? I’ve got answers! Here are the seven steps:

1: Primer or Moisturizer

The key is to choose one and not use both. Moisturizer can ruin the entire purpose of primer. It’s also important not to forget the SPF, so make sure you are using a primer, moisturizer or foundation that includes this.

2: Foundation

Some may think it makes more sense to do the eyes first in order to prevent the eye makeup from landing on your freshly founded skin. This is not the case. You should apply your foundation all over in order to create an even canvas.

3: Concealer

Here is where many people mess up. Less is more! Only put in spots where necessary. Dark circles and blemishes are your focal points here.