Dave Chappelle’s Funniest Moments

(Photo credit: Facebook.com)

Even though Dave Chappelle’s Chappelle’s Show is off the air, the man, the signature grin, the laugh…it’s all still there. And he’s still as funny as ever.  No matter where he’s seen, Dave is still welcomed with sold-out shows, insane stories of how Chappelle’s Show changed people’s lives and an incredible amount of selfies. Chappelle’s Show is still the number one selling comedy DVD of all time. Chappelle did 10 shows at Radio City Music Hall…in a row! He did three comedy specials on Netflix that paid him more money ($60 Million) than he would have gotten from Season 3 when he left. And he’s being booked for comedy gigs past 2018.

His knack for poking fun at and finding the comedy in life’s most hot-button moments is a gift. That’s why we need a little laugh every now and then in our lives. With racism, killings, death and Trump, a little comic relief is all overdue. With that, we’ve compiled the ten most funniest moment of the one and only Dave Chappelle.


10. Haters Ball

9. Lil’ Jon Phone Call

8. Grind Your Couch

7. Tyrone Biggums Classroom

6. Samuel Jackson

5. R. Kelly