Think Ink: 6 Tips To Speed Up Tattoo Healing Time

Question: What can I use for tattoos that are slow to heal? – Vanessa M. 

Answer: People do not heal in the same amount of time. It’s important to follow the directions for aftercare that your tattoo artist gives you to ensure that your tattoo heals without infection.

There are several factors that affect how quickly or slowly a person will heal from a tattoo. If your tattoo seems like it is slow to heal, make sure you are not making some of these common aftercare mistakes:

  • Not giving your tattoo fresh air
  • Picking at your tattoo
  • Taking baths or spending time in saunas or pools
  • Dry skin

Most tattoo shops will send you home with an ointment to use on your new tattoo to help it heal. Keeping the tattoo moisturized is key. Use an ointment that is lightweight so that the pores aren’t clogged.  Having a strong immune system is also important for healing, so monitor your diet and make sure you’re staying properly hydrated with water and getting fruits and vegetables.

Some tips from the pros are as follows:

-Leave bandage on overnight (most important!)

-Get in the shower and wash your tattoo with hot soapy water and your fingertips and hand as soon as the plastic is taken off next morning.

-In the first 48 hours wash your new tattoo no less than 3 times a day and use a small amount of salve or moisturizer that doesn’t contain alcohol (remember, no alcohol) twice a day.

-For the next few days wash your tattoo twice a day and use a moisturizing product sparingly twice a day.

-Do not scrub off flaky skin or scabs in the shower. leave them be and allow them to shed on their own.

-Stay out of direct sun for 2 weeks, hot tubs and bathing for at least 1 week. Showers are fine.

Tattoo’s literally become a part of you, so once yours heals correctly, remember to take care of the skin around it and under it.  Moisturizing is key! Keep from getting dry or crackly.

Enjoy your tat!

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