Hidden Dangers Of Biting Your Nails & 3 Ways To Stop It

…not that one nail.  After a normal amount of time (2-3 weeks) notice how much better that nail looks. Repeat with another nail, now you’re only allowed to bite 8 nails. Keep going on and on until there all your nails are healthy.
2.  Distract your hands by taking up a hobby. They say idle hands are the devil’s workshop, so keep them busy. Not only will the new hobby keep you from biting your nails, but you could also discover a new passion at the same time. If you are artistic, try doing projects with clay or plaster. It gets all over your hands, and the flavor stays in your nails long after you wash off any visible mess. They both taste bad and doing the projects will also keep your hands busy.
3. Use Cayenne Pepper.  Make your own remedy by simply rubbing cayenne pepper on or around your nails and nail beds. But be careful when using this remedy, as it can irritate open lesions or sensitive skin, and keep it away from your eyes.
4. Use Alternate Oral Stimulation. Chew gum, join a speaking class, start singing, etc.  Anything that keeps your mouth busy and it will form a new habit instead of biting your nails.

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