Katt Williams: “I Turn Tragedy Into Comedy”

katt williams bdo

Katt Williams has been in the news a lot lately. From possession of drugs and challenging fellow comedians to now being on video of him throwing a punch at a kid and getting into a full blown fight with the child, who is only in 7th grade. But what is really going on with Katt?

In his 2014 stand-up special “Katt Williams: Priceless,” directed by Spike Lee, the highly sought-after comedian tells the crowd, “They arrested me five times in five cities in five days. What the f–k? I am not the International Man of Mystery.” But with a number of public meltdowns and triumphs, Katt Williams’ behavior does lead to many questions.

Here’s a recent 2016 interview of Katt Williams speaking about the recent killings and Black Lives Matter.

Katt Williams was born in Cincinnati. He had himself emancipated at 13, and hitchhiked to Florida. As a teen, Williams traversed the country working for a carnival and did his first stand-up gig at a comedy club.


But Williams would soon find the road to fame littered with speed bumps of his own design, beginning with a charge of possession of a stolen gun at LAX in November 2006. The charge where he received three years probation.

In November 2008, he was arrested on gun charges hours before his Carnegie Hall debut. He made it barely on time, telling the crowd, “I just got out of jail about 35 minutes ago.” After the show, he announced his retirement — this would not stick — and gave most of his clothing and jewelry to the audience.  A week later, he tried checking into a…

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