The Longest Ride: Cyclist Rides Cross Country For Peace

cycle of peac4On the news, you may see heartbreaking story one after another with tales of violence and death from violence in the Black community.  One particular resident of Chicago decided to do something about it: Let the whole country know that something must be done.

The Cycle of Peace is a national initiative intended to raise awareness about Youth Violence, Obesity and Critical Thinking Awareness. Having witnessed breakthrough moments and very sad situations within lesser-resourced communities, brand ambassador Nicoh David, set aside this project to serve as a call to action and an invocation for healing within our communities.

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So far, David has cycled from his home in Chicago to Atlanta (720 miles). From Atlanta to Miami (660 miles). And later on in 2014, he’s planning to ride his bike from Chicago to Los Angeles, California–a whopping 1745 miles

When asked “Why cycle all over the country?” David responded “The answer is quite simple: our lives consist of many cycles and I thought what better way to initiate the change I seek in the world than to literally cycle it out!! Having been in Chicago for 6 years I have had many wonderful times, yet the one element my soul cannot reconcile, is the tremendous level of youth violence, lack of proper nutrition and an apathetic attitude to it all that adults and youth consistently reflect.  In addition to cycling,  I will be collecting 777 signatures in support of this endeavor.”