Top 10 Reasons Life Was Better Without Cell Phones

5. Getting a “number” was an accomplishment.


This one might be just for the fellas. I remember going to school dances with the intention of getting phone numbers from girls and at the end of the night we would have a tally of how many numbers we got…HA!! I know it’s childish, but I was a teenager. The excitement was calling the number the next day to determine if you got the right number and having a conversation with someone new. These days you might get the number just to be ignored when you call because you have been named “thirsty” or “weirdo” when the call comes through on their phone.

4. Party lines

woman on cordless phone

Party lines were so much fun! You could call an 800 number and talk all night with a group of people you knew or didn’t know. The only drawback was the ridiculous charges to your phone bill. The plus side was when you were done with the group you could just hang up the phone. These days when you become part of a group message it’s eternal whether you like it or not.

3. Meeting people face to face

couple talking in park

Phones have become an extension of our lives. Sometimes we can carry on relationships via text messaging and video chats, however nothing beats the human touch.

2. We had privacy.

cell phone eye privacy

I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments. I’ve even had some fights where I didnt fare so well. NONE of those made it to World Star.These days if you hear the word “World Staaaaaaaaaaaaar” rest assured it will be shown to millions over the world wide web because someone is recording it via their cell phone. As of late, I understand that the NSA has been tracking the  cell phone usage of American citizens providing the type of insight that was not involved before the advent of cell phones. MIND YOUR BUSINESS, YO!!!


children playing in leaves

There is something about being tethered to a phone. Taking pictures, updating statuses and sharing news all take away from enjoying our time in the moment of what we are experiencing. Be present! Have fun! PUT THE PHONES DOWN!!

What do you think? Was life better before cell phones or not? Let us know!


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