Musiq SoulChild: “When You’re Going Through Hell, It’s Still A Win”

… ‘what’s wrong?’ She looked at my eyes and took me to the hospital. That’s where the doctors patched me up and my eye was never the same after that.”

His eye reacts as if it has exotropia. Exotropia is where the eyes are deviated outward. There are six muscles that control eye movement, four that move the eye up and down and two that move it side to side. All these muscles must be coordinated and working properly in order for the brain to see a single image.


When both eyes are properly aligned and aimed at the same target, the visual portion of the brain fuses the forms into a single image. When one eye turns inward, outward, upward, or downward, two different pictures are sent to the brain. This causes loss of depth perception and binocular vision.

“I can only just be grateful for everything, for all of the experiences, good or otherwise,” says Musiq. “It is what it is. Life makes you who you are. You make the best of it. You learn from it. It teaches you a lot about yourself when you learn how other people perceive you, how other people form all of these interesting opinions about you. Especially the ones that don’t know you, those are the ones that are really, really interesting. Hilarious, actually.”

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