Want To Defy Your Age? Try This…

woman drinking waterOftentimes in the Black community you will hear the phrase, “Black don’t crack!” This does hold some truth, but for some people aging isn’t always as pleasant. Reality is, both men and women age – it’s natural. This doesn’t mean we become less attractive or need to spend thousands of dollars getting cosmetic makeovers. If you want to knock a few years off your image, try these simple yet effective methods.

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1. Maintain your hair! Switching up your hairstyle can restore your look. Regardless if you’re natural, wear weaves/extensions, wigs or even fades: proper hair care will always be essential. Keep your hair moisturized. If you’re bald, be sure to take care of your scalp. Take the proper steps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair.

2. Use gentle, moisturizing facial cleansers. This goes hand and hand with staying hydrated. Drinking water will always help with clarity and skin hydration.